While you are in Vermont, why not visit some of the Vermont landmarks? Here’s a list of some of the most popular Vermont landmarks. You might find these sites quite interesting.

– The Water Man statue is located on the west side of the state capitol building in Montpelier. It’s always moving from left to right, and it is indeed the only known animated statue in the entire world. Water Man’s real name is W.J.D. He was a famous inventor of other animated characters.

– The Old Gatehouse is located at Fort Hill on the eastern end of the Green Mountains. The Old Gatehouse was the site of the Battle of Bennington. There is an interpretive display at the site that displays artifacts found at the Battle. The display includes artifacts of the battle as well as artifacts of the Revolutionary War.

– The Ridgeley Ski Resort is located at the summit of Mt. Washington. It is the second highest ski resort in the United States, according to the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association.

– A State Park in Far Hills called Wallkill Pond, is one of the oldest state parks in the country. It is home to more than a hundred species of waterfowl. Many species of migratory birds visit the pond to nest during the winter months.

– This is a great place to visit in Vermont if you are into history. There are many former Fort Independence military encampments and buildings located there. There are also several historical markers located within the park.

– The landscape walk along the Old River Road is breathtaking. On the way, you can stopat Whitehouse Gap, which is the highest point in Vermont. There is also the Livingston-Sullivan Historical Museum, which displays artifacts from the early settlers to the Civil War.

– The famous hotel at Hotel North Star in the town of North Conway. The hotel is located on Route 9 just a mile from the Mohawk Valley. There is an interpretive display in the lobby, which shows scenes from the life of the people in the North Conway community.

– One of the most beautiful towns in Vermont is Winooski, which has an unspoiled beauty. The charming countryside is actually part of the beautiful surrounding area, and it is home to the historic Winooski House Historic District. The area also has some beautiful parks, hills, lakes, and rivers.

– The Peace House is located near Falls Lake in Bristol. The Peace House is dedicated to the memory of Charles P. Sloan, an American Civil War veteran who was a resident of the town. The Peace House is the first of its kind to be located on a natural rock ledge.

– The Pavillion Island is located just off the French Broad River in Milton. It has been a very popular spot for families because of the hiking trails found there, as well as the unique, hilly landscape.

So, while you’re in Vermont, why not visit some of the many popular Vermont landmarks. These landmarks are all worth visiting, and you won’t want to leave!