The small Vermont state has an abundance of historical landmarks, as well as some of the most popular tourist attractions in the world. For those who plan a vacation in Vermont, many of these sites are easily accessible. If you’re a historic book lover, Vermont landmarks are probably a good start to your vacation.

The Cloisters of St. Francis of Assisi – Located in the town of Glen, Vermont, this beautiful chapel features stained glass windows, and is considered the country’s oldest continuously operating church. In the past, it was used as a hospital for the poor.

The Roebling House – Located in the village of Hampton, Vermont, this house was built in 1782. A member of the first family of America, Robert Roebling was a renowned inventor and businessman. He was also a famous connoisseur of wines.

Moose River – If you’re looking for a day trip from the city of Burlington, look no further than Moose River State Park. This seven-mile, three-lake wilderness travels through the northern Vermont countryside. At the end of the trip, the lake gives you a breathtaking view of the scenic Adirondack Mountains.

Boroville – A residential community near Middlebury, Vermont, Boroville features both modern and old-fashioned architecture. It is the second oldest village in the state. Its Main Street is lined with Victorian and Colonial-style buildings, as well as neat rows of homes with colonial front porches.

The State House – This building was originally constructed in 1777 and is one of the oldest buildings in the United States. There are statues of all the presidents who have resided in the house, as well as a coat of arms depicting a bear, which symbolizes the connection between the state and the U.S.Champlain – A stately structure that can be found just outside Middlebury, this magnificent state house is known for its architectural styles, as well as its amazing views. A popular spot for hiking and biking, Champlain has a small town feel, but is home to a state park that has plenty of activities to keep people entertained. A fun way to get to know this quaint town is by taking a self-guided tour.

Horseshoe Falls – Located near Middlebury, Horseshoe Falls is one of the most photographed sites in the state. Many people who visit Vermont come back to this place each year, hoping to see it again, or get a great photo of it. Anyone traveling on a budget will appreciate this.

Merrimac – This one-time fishing village has become a tourist destination, thanks to its many hiking trails and park area. It is located just south of Middlebury, Vermont. This little town has over a hundred acres of forest, with more being added every year.

Hampden – Hampden is the largest city in the town of Middlebury, Vermont. Located north of Middlebury, Hampden features a high school, theater, and many other attractions. It is the smallest town in the state, but has a very interesting history, due to the historic Red Sox baseball team.

Laconia – One of the largest towns in the state, Laconia is the second oldest commercial center in the state. It is located in North Berwick, Vermont. This center is a good place to shop for antiques, or catch some fresh fish.

The list of Vermont landmarks is almost endless. Check out this article, and explore the many scenic and historic sites in the state.