Panoramic view of Topsham village in Vermont

Explore the Beauty of Vermont

Vermont’s geography is made up of several thousand miles of pristine wilderness. The large regions of this state are known for its many scenic and recreational destinations.

  • The town of Barre, Vermont is considered to be the oldest and the largest city in the state. It was founded in the early 1700s and was one of the first towns in the state. Today it is known as an arts district, as well as a center for learning and recreation.
  • The region of Catamount Park is considered as the largest and most scenic region in the state of Vermont. Located in the Town of South Burlington, it has plenty of hiking trails, campgrounds, picnic areas, wildlife watching areas, as well as a Great River. The nearest road is the Sullivans Bridge Road, but be sure to check the weather conditions before driving.
  • The area of Chittenden County is named for the “Chittenden Range”, which is the most spectacular and largest range of mountains in the United States. It is also known as the “Golden State”, because of the scenic views that it provides.
  • The area of Jimson County is also known as the Garden of Eden. The county is also known for its agricultural history. It was once known as “the Glory Land”, due to the abundance of agriculture that took place there.
  • The Central High School is located in Middle Road, Vermont. It was originally built for the English Military Academy, however, now it is used as a school. The school is located in Pleasant Valley and is dedicated to serving the area.
  • Finally, the history of Vermont is very rich and complex. These areas and regions, have been treasured by generations of residents. You can visit the other areas to learn more about the history of this state.

Some Information About Vermont’s Geography

Vermont’s geography is interesting in itself. This state has many geographical features that define its unique nature. First of all, it is very cold and flat; second, it is a place full of trees and mountains; third, there are no rivers, so the transportation is by land and water, and fourth, it is located between the Canadian border and New York State. No wonder the way the landscape of this place looks like!

Vermont’s geography is one of the most densely populated and richest states in the country. The land here is covered with forests. Because of these forest cover, this place is ideal for logging.

The forestry industry here is strong and thriving. The activity here started back in the early twentieth century, when mining was booming. That’s why the area was called the “Oak Ridge Region.” Today, the state government has made efforts to protect the environment. To achieve this, a number of environmental laws have been introduced.

To meet the needs of the residents of Vermont, the conservation and environmental laws were introduced. As a result, a number of parks and protected areas have been created to protect the beauty of the land and its flora and fauna.

Despite all the laws designed to protect the environment, real estate market seems to be stubbornly growing here. That’s because here there are a number of facilities that serve as timber plantations. This is used for building materials and plastic products, and for the domestic use of the townspeople.

As such, some regions that have a special forestry industry to offer such services as house restoration, environmental restoration, water treatment and chemical treatment. These facilities are operated by the agricultural organizations of the state. The cost of these services is considered high, but they are needed for the betterment of the quality of life of the people living in the region.

What is more, when Vermont’s geography was first discovered, many people looked for ways to solve the energy crisis. That’s why Vermont geology is a great thing to know! Besides that, any government that is looking for ways to improve the quality of life will find a place in Vermont.

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