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Giant Traveling Maps of the Continents

The Giant Maps are back!  The VGA brought the map of Europe to the Green Mountains in the fall and we are excited to announce we will host the Africa map in March for more oversized fun! These huge maps of the continCapture.PNGents are made to walk on and come with a trunk full of ideas and materials for many different lessons.  The activities incorporate physical movement and games to teach geography map reading skills for grades K-8. 

The cost is $75 per day and you must transport the map and trunk to the next vermont school on the list.  The maps come in a 10’ tube and weigh approximately 110 lbs.

Please contact Keighan Chapman at Keighan.Chapman@gmail.com to schedule a visit

Giant Traveling Map of Vermont

The VGA designed this amazing resource for Vermont teachers and Vermont classrooms.  This map is giant...but not to big to roll out onto the floor of an average classroom.  It comes with a variety of hands-on (and feet-on) activities to explore the geography of our wonderful state! the map measures 18’ by 24’, and includes towns, villages, highways, rivers, lakes, and shaded relief.  It travels with a duffle bag full of lesson ideas and props.  


The cost is $20 per school day, and you must agree to transport the map to the next school.  The office manager, will make every effort to schedule visits to nearby schools.  The map rolls into an 8.5’ cloth bag and fits in most cars.  


Please contact Keighan Chapman at Keighan.Chapman@gmail.com to schedule a visit 


Mission: Explore!


Goal: Find where a picture was taken!

Ask students to bring in pictures with landscapes, plants, trees, or other identifiable characteristics.  See if your class can name potential locations where the pictures may have been taken.  Can your students read the landscape?

Perhaps an extension activity could include a short writing response where the students create a story about the picture they see.

NCGE Webinar

February 25, 2015

Using Esri’s Story Maps in Geography

Presenter: Tom Baker, Esri

Description: By popular demand, join the Esri education for an up close look at the free story maps tools available with ArcGIS online.  We’ll look at examples from professionals and novices and see how easy it is to incorporate the story maps into your classroom.  No matter what subject you teach, there’s a story map waiting for you!  Also learn how to make your own informative and educational story maps.  Join the fun!

Cost: Free Partnership Webinar REGISTER