Lesson Plans

Vermont Geography Alliance produced Lessons:

Mission Geography -- What happens when NASA and geographers collaborate? They create mission geography!

Mapping your watershed -- Combining technology and geography (Fall 2003)

Spello - An orienteering lesson

Mental Map Postcard - A mental mapping/communication activity

Geography and Music - Using music from around the world students identify with cultures other than their own.

Tactile Maps - Students use 3-D objects to create maps.

Ancient Egypt: Connecting Literature and Geography - Through Library resources students learn to find geographic concepts.

There is No Place Like Home - U.S. immigration during the 1800's studied by using maps and comparisons.

The Hunter - Using Children's Literature to Teach the Geography of Africa - This lesson shows how the interaction of physical and human processes shapes places.

Putting the World Into Perspective - In this lesson, students create and interpret a mental map of the world's continents within a problem-solving environment.

Thematic Maps of Your School - This lesson develops a student's understanding of how to design, research, draw, and use thematic maps to depict geographic information and problems.

Where Should We Put A Store? - This lesson shows students how to turn population data into simple density maps which can help them make decisions about their world.

Journey of a Wood Thrush - This lesson presents the relationship between two ecosystems (temperate mixed forest and tropical rain/cloud forest) by studying the migration of a wood thrush from the Green Mountains of Vermont to Monteverde, the "green mountains" of Costa Rica.

If the World Was a Village . . . Examining Ethnocentrism - This lesson examines the concept of ethnocentrism and our perceptions of ourselves as Americans in the world.

Population Change in Vermont, 1990 - 2000 - Students will improve their mapping skills and knowledge about population distribution and change in Vermont at the county level.

Introduction to Field Mapping with a Compass and Pace - This lesson uses field mapping as an application of basic geometry and algebra.

Lesson Plan Links:

http://www.vtearthinstitute.org/vtstandards.html - This site from the Vermont Earth Institute has lesson plans that are related directly to the Vermont Standards.

USGS http://interactive2.usgs.gov/learningweb/teachers/lesson_plans.htm#maps - Nice site with grade appropriate units for mapping, plate tectonics and other stuff. It's evolving so check back frequently.

http://geog.pdx.edu/oga/lessons_new.html - Great lessons from Oregon.

http:/www.cas.sc.edu/sege/lessons.htm - Great lessons from South Carolina.

http://www.geography.unr.edu/GAIN/gain.html - Many good lessons from Nevada.

http://www.keene.edu/orgs/geogranite/lessonplans.htm - Find a ton of great lesson from New Hampshire.

http://mga.drury.edu/lessons/index.htm - Great lessons from the Missouri Geographic Alliance!

http://fga.freac.fsu.edu/resources.htm- Good lesson plans here from Florida - many really good ideas.