NEW! Giant Traveling Map of Vermont

The VGA is pleased to announce the launch of our new Giant Traveling Map of Vermont! 

We designed this map for Vermont teachers and Vermont classrooms.  This map is giant – but not too big to roll out onto the floor of an average classroom.  It comes with a variety of hands-on and feet-on activities to explore the geography of Vermont with your students in a whole new way.  The map is 18’ by 24’, and includes towns, villages, counties, highways, rivers, lakes, and shaded relief.   It also travels with a duffel bag full of lesson ideas and props.

The map is not only a map of Vermont, but was also wholly designed and produced in Vermont.  The base map was designed by cartographer Bob Gagliuso of Northern Graphic Design and Publishing in Hinesburg, who provided the work free of charge.  Bob also shepherded the project through the printing and production phase.  He found us a printer in Vermont who could make the huge map out of vinyl: Offset House/Catamount Color in Essex.  

We have a team of teachers developing K-12 lessons especially for the new floor map.  Ten activities are available now, and we plan to add more soon.  Activities include exploring topics such as population patterns, shire towns, state capitals through history, and the marble region, as well as lessons on map reading skills, such as latitude and longitude, and measuring distances with a map scale.

 List of Activities  & Lessons

To Schedule:

The map is $20/school day, and you must agree to transport the map to the next school on the list.  The map rolls into an 8 ½ foot cloth bag that fits into most cars.  A bag of lessons and props travels with the map, and is the size of a large duffel bag.  To reserve the Giant Traveling Map of Vermont for your classroom, contact Keighan Chapman  





Thanks so much, Bob!


The VGA would like to thank Bob Gagliuso and Northern Graphic Design and Publishing for donating the base map design, and guiding the project through production.  We really appreciate all you’ve done for us!